• A special thread innovated to satisfy the patients with mild nose deformity Now we can re-define the nose Bridge effectively in a way that’s more safe than fillers. Also we can raise the nasal tip easily and safely.
  • Curved Blunt Cannula For More Safety.
  • More Thick and More Solid Thread for a Clear Definition.
  • Safe, Simple, Easy, and Effective procedure with Immediate, remarkable results
    and ZERO RISK of any serious complications

Nasal Bridge Definition

Nose Implant 19G 50mm

Non-Surgical Nose Thread Implants became the  FIRST CHOICE  for minimal nasal deformities. After many case reporting with serious complications after nose fille r injection, that could reach to blindness and deat h.

Nasal Tip Elevation

Nose Implant 19G 30mm