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Polydioxanone or the PDO threads are considered to be absorbable sutures that stimulate the Type 1 and 2 collagen production, which can help in giving very enhanced and defined results compared to any other ingredient. PDO threads suture is an absorbable thread manufactured with the synthetic molecule polydioxanone

However, it is reported that the results can last up to 9-18 months, as they are degraded in this period of time.

But with continuous sessions, the dermal structure becomes much better over time, therefore, much better and prolonged results are obtained.

Polydioxanone (PDO) threads offer greater tensile strength. Absorption of the suture is simple by hydrolysis after 180 days from implementation. Absorption of PDO suture is reliable and predictable and safe.

If the prolonged effect is the desired result out of the procedure, the PolyCaproLactone or PLACL threads are the advised type to be used.

They are known for the long-lasting duration that may last up to 2-3 years, however, the result is not as sharp and defined as the PDO threads even though the increase in type 1 and 2 collagen production.

Also, results get better with continuous sessions as they also work on enhancing the dermal structure itself as well.

Poly (L-Lactide-co-ε-caprolactone) ( PLACL) is the state-of-art new lifting threads type which complements all the disadvantage of PDO, PLLA, and PCL but also combines their advantages at the same time.

P(LA/CL) sutures insertion is pain-free with Simple, safe (no scarring), effective and easy procedures. The post-procedure results are reliable and long-lasting.



Lifting threads are the first & best choice in the world of aesthetic medicine to care for the beauty of the skin and maintaining its youth.


Lifting threads are used for lifting the skin, adjusting the face, removing wrinkles, firming the skin through stimulation of cells.


The use of surgical sutures is to remove wrinkles, stretch marks in various body areas and to clear the signs of aging by inducing collagen in the treated area.


A Breast lift ( Mastopexy ) is an indication to tighten the surrounding breast tissue and raising the breast for a more youthful and firmer breast contour.


A new advanced methodology of face and body lifting called a thread lift procedure, which is a promising aesthetic procedure for facial rejuvenation.

The aesthetic goals of patients are greatly achieved with XLINE® surgical sutures through stimulating collagen production to achieve face & body contouring and rejuvenation.

In XLINE® we are adding more and more benefits to both doctors and patients. Along with XLINE® threads, the  Beauty  is triggered.

  • Nose (Rhinoplasty)
  • Facelift
  • Double chin
  • Cat Eyes
  • Eyebrows
  • Breast lift (Mastopexy)
  • Jawline definition
  • Nasolabial folds
  • Fine lines & wrinkles
  • Stretch marks

Double Chain

One of the most challenging indications, that we developed several techniques to improve it clearly in minutes.


A beautiful face borders should be well defined to express beauty and hide the age.


Nose implants, the best Xline seller with more than 90+ patient satisfaction. An implant developed to make it easier and more effective. 

Fine lines & wrinkles 

Very simple and every one need to do on a yearly bases some monofilaments to protect and treat the skin. 

Face - Lift

When it comes to face lift, XLine is un comparable. With the various models and techniques that is developed to the most state of the art for easier and better lifting.

Stretch marks

The stretch marks of the body can be rejuvenated by inserting XLINE® multi filler pdo threads.

Nasolabial folds

Nasolabial folds are the deep lines commonly known as “laugh lines” which appears at the lower nose area to both sides of the mouth.

Breast Uplift/ Reduction

PDO threads are used to lift the tissues of the breast by pulling them up to a higher level. 

Cat eyes

The Cat-eye lift (Canthoplasty) is a cosmetic surgery procedure to raise the outer corners of the eyelid

Eye-brow lift

A brow lift procedure is a cosmetic procedure to lift the brow for a better forehead appearance

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XLINE® Threads is a Swiss brand by Innovated to change lives .

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XLINE® lifting threads have been inspiring and fulfilling the need and more to all our stakeholders including doctors, clinics, hospitals and patients across several countries in Europe, Mena region, Africa and asia. Which resulted in a delightful thread lifting experience with our pdo threads and mono threads.

Our life-changing experiences post any of our face thread lift surgery has been surprising and satisfactory by all means, XLINE®  developed lifting threads for any Face lift surgery, nose augmentation, body lifting, jawline, eyes, neck & double chin with a variety in models and length for rejuvenation, augmentation, lifting, contouring and filling

Our lifting threads are a mix of polydioxanone PDO threads and polycaprolactone P(LA/CL) threads, Our product categories includes Mono threads, screw threads, filler threads, nose threads, 360D Cog threads – Mold or molded threads and 2 Needle or dual needle threads.

XLINE® PDO threads are legendary for strong face thread lifting to reach the desired result needed, the rejuvenation of the face and body is easily achieved by using  Xline Rejuvenation threads  which consist of mono threads and screw threads (twisted) which are being used for all rejuvenation purposes & aesthetic rejuvenation treatments. Along with rejuvenation threads comes  XLINE ®   Filler threads,   XLINE® PDO filling threads, the filler threads are 100% safe with no vascular occlusion or compression and are the best choice for lines that need to enhance collagen production in.  XLINE ® nose threads  made a revolution in the aesthetic industry because of their extraordinary effect for re-defining the nose bridge and raising up the nasal tip. Additionally, the  360D barbed COG threads  are of highly strong effect because the Polyfilament 360D barbed cog sutures are bigger, stronger, and wider made by compressing, adding, and linking multiple monofilaments together.


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