Thread lift : Your complete guide for thread lifting cosmetic procedure

Thread lift

Thread lift : Your complete guide for thread lifting cosmetic procedure

What is a thread lift ?

Thread lift cosmetic procedure is a minimally invasive procedure that intends to lift different facial parts and body parts; breast and butt. lifting threads are the optimum cosmetic treatment however it is temporary yet highly effective for its results. The uses of surgical sutures are commonly for lifting the skin, adjusting the face, removing wrinkles, firming the skin through stimulation of cells.

A thread lifting procedure is known for its fast recovery, no scarring after a procedure with few complications compared to incisional face surgery.

Lifting threads have been used since the ’90s but have been enormously popular recently due to the medical technological advancements that allowed researchers to enhance the suture materials to a better one that supports a powerful and safe facelift.

Previously, A lot of Patients who couldn’t have a surgical facelift because of their medical situation that prevents them from making a surgical facelift used to consider a thread lift as a safer alternative.
But for the time being, thread lifting is at the top of choices for a cosmetic safe procedure because threading treatment is non-invasive, with low pain for patients, easy applied for doctors, and with extra-ordinary results
But for the time being, thread lifting it at the top of choices for a cosmetic safe procedure

The ideal candidate for a thread lifting procedure

The ideal candidate for a thread lifting procedure is someone who is 30 years old till 55 or early 50 where this age range includes people who are witnessing aging signs on their face and body.

As mentioned above, the best age to undergo cosmetic threading procedure for the face & body or use lifting threads for rejuvenation is between 30 years to 55 years because from 30 and above aging signs are considered to be in their early stages so, simple lines, sagging, and wrinkles begin to appear

At that time, it is recommended to do a thread lifting session, where the sooner the (thread lifting procedure) or threading session, the better the overall skin results and the skin response.

The use of surgical sutures is not only to prevent the increase of sagging in the neck area or to hide wrinkles in various areas of the body and to eliminate the signs of aging.

On the contrary, For the time being, the use of lifting threads is the first and best choice in the world to care for the beauty of women and preserve their youth.

What are the materials of a surgical suture?

The barbed absorbable threads are at the top use of lifting threads; including the barbed cog threads and the barbed molded threads ( cone threads). The materials of the threads themselves are,

Polydioxanone ( PDO )

That enables tensile strength and elasticity. The PDO has been used a long time ago in surgical procedures exactly plastic surgery, cardiovascular surgery, and tissue engineering. 

Polydioxanone (PDO) is:

-Non-traumatic, durable, flexible, Hydrophobic & non-capillary.

-Doesn’t have antigenic or pyrogenic properties.

-Polydioxanone in the process of absorption develops only mild tissue reaction with neocollagenesis

The optimum lifting threads are made of 100% percent pure polymers which are commonly used in cataract surgery procedures, cardiovascular surgery, plastic surgery, biomedical engineering, drug delivery, and orthopedics.

 while the polycaprolactone placl – P(LA/CL) which gives longer duration results

What are the major uses of thread lifting: 

Cosmetic surgical sutures (lifting threads) are marvelous for its action, it has many uses, we will mention them all, which have proven their efficiency and success.

  • Tightening wrinkles around the eyes and dark circles under the eyes 
  • Jaws or jawline
  • Lifting all parts of the face including forehead, under the eye area, and cheeks (face lifting)
  • Determine the shape of the jaw to keep it prominent and attractive 
  • Get rid of a double chin 
  • Neck Sag Removal 
  • Nose tip lift and shape improvement (Nasal tip elevation)
  • Narrowing of the width of the nostrils ( Nasal narrowing)
  • Adjustment of the nasal bone (Nose bridge definition).
  • Improvement of pregnancy marks
  • Improve acne scars and wounds
  • lifting and tightening of the breast 

What are the advantages of a thread lift?

The advantages of a thread lift are :

  1. it’s a safe procedure for lifting the skin
  2. A minimally invasive procedure that has a short rehabilitation period
  3. it is considered to be a few-pain procedure for patients
  4. thread lifting procedure is easy for doctors to learn and practice 
  5. the procedure results can be immediately viewed at the end of a procedure

What are the steps for a thread lifting procedure?

For a thread lifting procedure, Firstly doctors (dermatologists) make sure that the skin is cleaned and disinfected properly

1- Anesthesia

The dermatology doctor disinfects the area with an anesthetic.

2- Using needle or cannula for opening

The doctor uses the cannula for the incision threads underneath the skin.

3- Lifting threads insertion & tightening

The sutures are being inserted under the skin by using the needle where the suture abide by the skin tissue

The doctor lifts the skin in the directions required to reach the result

For good and positive thread lifting results, doctors give the face a smooth massage so that the sutures get attached to skin tissues effectively.

4-  Completing the procedure

To end a thread lifting procedure, Doctors will get rid of the method of insertion and sterilizes the needle entry points

At that moment, patients may feel slightly pressured and skin tight.

What happens after a thread lift?

The results of a thread lift are not lifetime results however, the advantages of a successful thread lift are that it remains for an average of 1.5 years to 3 years.

Because after a specific period of time, threads will be completely dissolved and absorbed by the skin tissue 

A doctor (Dermatologist/plastic surgeon) usually provides a patient with a list of instructions that a patient should follow in order not to affect the procedure results. Such as using specific facial creams, avoid face rubbing, and not sleeping on your sides

Patients can normally continue their daily routine after a thread lift, there is nothing wrong with doing most of your activities after finishing the procedure.

Patients after the thread lifting procedure feel a little pain because of swelling and bruising which might remain for a short time.

The difference between a  face lift and thread lift 

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