Surgical Or Non-Surgical Facelift Procedures? Which is better?

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Surgical Or Non-Surgical Facelift Procedures? Which is better?

The youthful look has become the main beauty standard that most individuals from different ages have been aspiring to possess lately. Thus, The demand for a face lift procedure “thread facelift” had become increasingly noticeable.

And this is mainly because of the face lift ability to revive the appearance of the skin by directly looking younger. And as we go through time, the procedures of face-lift have become more advanced, thanks to the proper study of the anatomy of the aging face and the aspects of the process itself. 

two main classifications of different face lift procedures; surgical and non-surgical

Surgical facelift procedures

Surgical face-lift procedures differ into too many different types that could be tailored according to the patient’s desire. Dramatic and life-lasting youthful appearance could be obtained. However, they tend to have more time in both recovery and carrying on with the procedure itself.

In addition, the administration of general anesthesia in the face lift might cause discomfort to the patients.    

Non-Surgical facelift procedures

Thread facelift

On the other hand, non-surgical procedures; such as thread facelift thread lifting in particular, is considered to be faster, more economical, more practical, lower in risk, and do the trick!

Though the patient should have reasonable expectations as the thread lift before and after results might not be as dramatic as the face lift surgery but they are more affordable.

Thread face lift before and after-effects may differ from a patient to another as they are temporary, however, from one to three years, is how long a thread lift lasts.

thread facelift procedure

Thread face lift procedure has proved its practicality, not only for patients but also for dermatologists. As the recovery is really easy compared to face lift surgery in different aspects, as it could be carried out under local anesthesia which is preferable from the patient side. Also, the patient will not have to deal with scarring, bruising, bleeding or any other complication that might take place after a face lift surgery.

In addition to the ease of performing the thread face lift procedure on patients, according to dermatologists. 

The final result of the thread lifting is basically natural, so this may be considered ingenious for some patients in certain ages as the optimal age for performing thread face lift procedures is from the late thirties to early fifties, and this is mainly accustomed to patients who are dealing with mild to moderate signs of skin aging.

So, according to different aspects, the most suitable face lift procedure is sure to differ from a patient to another. Therefore, the best procedure for each dermatologist to follow is certainly decided by the patient undergoing any procedure.

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