Xline threads made a significant invention in the aesthetics industry and thread lifting by announcing for new suture models & insertion techniques.
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After a long period of searching and developing, Xline started its business operations, Global distribution and sales. It was a challenge and a success story to penetrate into different markets and partner with successful dermatologists.
Dermatologists, plastic surgeons and clinics are our business partners. As a result, their opinions, feedback and recommendations were always considered.
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In addition to the usage of 100% pure quality polymers used for extraordinary effects.

Accordingly, threads is regularly being developed to promote the needs of patients that lead to greater results.

Through the product training Xline threads provides a complete product training by Xline certified trainers and professors.
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Xline Threads Company supports all doctors & dermatologists working on medical research in the field of aesthetics and thread lifting
Xline threads came with an invention of new insertion techniques which is much easier, remarkable and with amazing results.
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