PDO Mono 29G-38 MM

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  • SUTURE TYPE : Monofilament PDO
  • SUTURE SIZE : 60mm / 0-6USP
  • NEEDLE TYPE : Sharp Needle
  • NEEDLE SIZE : 29G / 38mm
  • QUANTITY : 10PCS (10×1 Sheets)


About PDO Mono 29G-38MM

PDO Mono 29G-38 MM

The PDO monofilament suture is 60 mm 0-6 USP suture size with its needle size is 29G-38 MM

– The mono PDO thread 29G-38 MM is used for the rejuvenation of the face skin in areas that requires a long needle size.

– It attempts to re-gain facial contour and enhances the process of collagen production within couples of months

– The thread forms part of an integrated support structure for the tissue of the face due to collagen synthesis.

– The skin reaches a maximum rejuvenation effect after 3 months when collagen is formed completely around the threads.

Rejuvenation PDO Mono 29G-38 MM thread:

The patient can complete his daily activities normally after the procedure as there isn’t any interruption for a patient after the thread lifting procedure

additionally, patients don’t have to worry about the removal process because threads are fully dissolved in the body after 6 months.

Our mono PDO thread is designated from pure polydioxanone PDO that accelerates stronger stimulation into the dermis layer and ends up forming more collagen production.

PDO Mono thread 29G-38 mm Indications of Use:

The mono PDO 29G-38 MM thread and any mono thread are small-sized, just for fulfilling the need for rejuvenation in facial parts

Beyond the indication of under eyes, periorbital, Crows feet, glabella, finger joints, and wound scars that can be done through a 30-25MM mono thread ..

The mono PDO thread 29G-38 MM

is being used for different face rejuvenation indications that require a longer needle

Such as Nasolabial folds, Forehead Lines, Marionette lines

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    The order arrived Two days late but the product is high quality and effective .

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    Reasonable prices for high quality

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    very nice painless needles.


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