PDO Filler Thread 23G-60MM

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  • SUTURE TYPE : Multi-Mono PDO
  • SUTURE SIZE : 80mm(2*7) / 0-4USP
  • NEEDLE TYPE : Lc Blunt Cannula
  • NEEDLE SIZE : 23G / 60mm
  • QUANTITY : 10PCS (2×5 Sheets)


PDO Filler Thread 23G-60MM:

Our PDO Filler Thread 23G-60MM guide:

The filler thread of Xline have a needle size 23-60 mm while it includes a suture size of 80 mm and 0-4 USP

The PDO filler thread of xline is unique for its results, It’s the perfect choice of a dermatologist to voluminise a facial part.

– The PDO filler thread is safe for firming the skin tissue and for removing deep lines.

– The threading technique for xline filler threads are easy and simple for action.

– 14 lines by one cannula achieves in defining the facial contour again, to inducing collagen production.

– The thread forms part of an integrated support structure for the tissue of the face due to collagen synthesis.

– The firming effect is reach the peak period after 3 months when collagen is produced while the skin firm remain from 6 to months later.

PDO Filler Thread 23G-60MM Indications Of Use:

Forehead Deep Lines, Nick Lines, Nasolabial, Body Lines and Stretch Marks

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