Introducing The New Generation Of Threads P(LA/CL)

Introducing The New Generation Of Threads P(LA/CL)

Xline threads is introducing to the world the all new generation of Threads

Xlinethreads has announced for the innovative Surgical sutures with more than 1000 model with

different Types, lengths and diameters to best fit your need for exceptional beauty!

Xline Threads offers wide range of threads for Lifting, filling, Rejuvenation Contouring or Augmentation.

Xline threads  are the only threads that offers Higher tensile strength due to Elasticity of PDO &

Longer duration results due to P(LA/CL)


Very simple plans as we already giving you the first and best choice of procedure for each indication in a very simple way.
As all techniques carefully designed to avoid all risks with 0% of evidence of any serious complications.
We developed the threads to maximize the results with the easiest techniques ever, saving time and effort.
Exceptional results for all approved techniques with 100% patient satisfaction for all our cases over the last years.


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