Xline Threads, 2022 the complete guide for safe, easy, effective thread lifting

Skin is the largest organ in the body. It needs more collagen and elastin to look healthy and keep its structure.

With aging, your body produces less amount of collagen. So, signs of aging start to appear. You may notice annoying wrinkles and sagging skin. 

Getting rid of these signs was a big concern in the past. Now, Youthful and shiny looks have become easier with non surgical facelift threading. 

What is non surgical facelift threading?

XLINE  face lift threading is a cosmetic procedure that replaces facelift surgery. It used threads to smooth away moderate to severe facial lines and lift sagging skin.

Different types and sizes of needles or cannulas insert these threads into the skin to stimulate collagen production, improve skin texture, and get a lifted appearance.

Non surgical facelift threading has been around since the 1990s. But XLINE's continuous innovation in threads technology and techniques has increased its popularity in recent years. 

How does non surgical facelift threading work?

XLINE Threads are inserted into your skin and make it more lifted and tight. 

XLINE threads minimize fine lines, wrinkles and promote collagen for cellular renewal.

There are a lot of absorbable polymers of threads; PDO-PLLA-PCL-PLACL, and all are safe and effective in skin rejuvenation. 

But, XLINE Threads mainly developing PDO (Polydioxanone) and PLACL (Poly-L-Lactide-e-Caprolactone) threads which are more effective for mechanical non  surgical lifting and more durable because of the new XLINE polymerising technology which result in more strong threads. 

There are various types, models, and sizes of both PDO and PLACL threads;

mono threads, barbed cog threads, screw threads, molded threads, and dual needle threads. There are also threads with sharp needles, blunt cannula and LShape blunt Cannula.

Other threads include PLLA and PCA threads, which stay in your body and stimulate collagen, but are less effective for mechanical lifting because of the soft and weak tensile strength of the polymers.

Each type is designed to fit the target area and get the most promising results. For example, PDO threads are more convincing in instant lifting tissue. In contrast, PLLA and PCA threads have high durability to induce more collagen.

Finally, XLINE PLACL threads are the ideal polymer that induce the maximum collagen production with the longest durability for 2-3 years, and as well strongly lifting the saggy skin. 

Features of XLINE Threads

Some features make XLINE threads is the best choice for non surgical facelift threading: 

  • They are absorbable and biodegradable safely in H2O and CO2.

  • Promote collagen and elastin.

  • Non-invasive and contain no heavy metals.

  • Effect Last for 10-12 months for XLINE PDO Threads, and last for 24-30 months for XLINE PLACL Threads.

  • Provide natural and immediate results.

  • No down time for rejuvenation threads.

  • Don’t cause any significant side effects or complications.

How has non surgical facelift threading developed over the years?


Thread lift was not a popular procedure because of some obstacles.

For example, permanent threads increase the risk of infection and thread breakage. It needs a more invasive anchoring method to hold up loose skin without leaving a permanent forign body inside the skin.

With permanent threads, the skin could be pulled in one direction, which gives two-dimensional results with extended downtime. On the other hand, these threads made further surgery in the same area more difficult and risky.

Thanks to ongoing XLine Threads innovation in threads manufacturing technology, clinical researches, and innovative techniques for safe, simple and remarkable thread lifting.

The newer XLine dissolvable threads made a huge comeback and changed the industry of aesthetics and thread lifting. 

Which areas can be treated with XLINE thread lift?

XLine threads are suitable for most parts of your face and body that have signs of aging and sagging. XLine threads developed wide variety of threads that can treat the following areas by a specifically developed and designed thread: 

  • Lower Face lift, mid face lift, upper face lift.

  • Cheeks augmentation

  • Nose definition (non surgical rhinoplasty) 

  • Nasolabial folds.

  • Drooping eyelids.

  • Jowls and jawline.

  • Double Chin and neck.

  • Eyebrows.

  • Cat eyes, fox eyes

  • Rejuvenation

  • Acne scars.

  • Under Eyes dark circles and puffiness.

  • Stretch marks, cellulitis and body firming.

  • Breast lift, butt lift. 

XLINE thread lift for neck:

As we age, skin in the neck region becomes loose and wrinkled. That makes you look old or tired. XLine neck thread lift (Double Chin Threads) is the best choice for neck rejuvenation with minimal downtime or difficulties.

After inserting threads, this region's fatty tissue will contract and tighten to give you a youthful look and more firmed elastic skin.

They also stimulate more collagen and elastin; your skin will have less lines or wrinkles. 

This procedure usually takes 30-40 minutes.

XLINE thread lift for nasolabial folds:

Nasolabial folds are the deep lines that extend from the base of the nose to the sides of the mouth. They become more profound due to some factors such as age, sun exposure, and significant weight gain or loss.

Using XLINE threads is a great alternative; if you worry about getting fillers that will increase the volume of your face. 

XLINE nasolabial thread lifting will give an immediate lifted appearance and natural look without any extra volume. 

XLINE Thread lift for droopy eyelids:

If Droopy eyelids make you look older and tired, XLINE threads will help.

A thread designed and developed to suit the anatomy of the brow area, to lift it as an optimum solution for eyelid hooding. 

Also XLINE rejuvenation mono threads have developed tiny pdo flexible threads with 30G needle to be injected in the upper eyelid as well. It is an effective way to rejuvenate your upper eyelid.

Who is the ideal candidate for a non-surgical facelift?

XLine Thread lift is the best option for:

  • Men and women between 30 and 60 years old, whatever they want to regain skin structure and withdraw signs of aging or lifting saggy ski. 

  • Younger patients for acne scars, rejuvenation, prophylactic from aging signs, nose minimal deformities, correcting asymmetry or definition of different facial aspects.

XLINE thread lift is not suitable during pregnancy or for immune deceased patients, although there are no any reported reasons but for avoiding any unknown reactions it is better to wait after birth or complete recovery. 

Patients with an active skin infection or inflammation and clotting disorder should postpone this procedure until full recovery from the underlying disease.

What are the differences between XLINE thread lift and facelift surgery?

  • Thread lifting is safer with a low risk of bacterial infection or breakage over time. 

  • You can work and perform your daily activity without limitations after it.

  • Threads stimulate collagen production, which makes your skin stretched and tighter.

  • They can not give the same results as facelift surgery, but more than 90% of XLINE patients are satisfied.

  • Thread lift results can last to 1-2 years, while facelift surgery results stay longer for 4-8 years.  

  • Thread lifting is not as expensive as a surgical facelift.

With XLINE thread lift, you will get a natural, three-dimensional defined look.
Surgical or non surgical options are available. Your dermatologist will choose the most acceptable procedure for you.

What are the advantages of XLINE non surgical facelift threading?

Having XLINE thread lift rather than facelift surgery is significant for many patients.

XLINE Thread lift needs less recovery time, as it is done under local anesthesia. That means the patient can drive himself home immediately after this procedure.

There is no risk of scarring, severe bleeding, or other complications thanks to noninvasive threads. It can be safer than dermal fillers. Threads are thin, so they can not block blood flow in vessels causing vascular occlusion or compression. 

They have minimal downtime, as the procedure is less invasive than facelift surgery.

How long does the XLINE thread lift procedure take?

Duration alters according to the target area from 10 to 45 minutes. 

The procedure needs some preparation and post-care after. 

After evaluation and selecting the treatment plan and type of XLINE threads:

  • First, the doctor will apply disinfection and local anesthesia to your skin.

  • Then, he will insert a thin needle or cannula underneath your skin of the treated area. 

  • Usually, inserting needles takes about 10-30 minutes.

  • Then the doctor will check the symmetry of the result.

  • The doctor will apply some massage and cleaning to the area.

  • After seeing the remarkable result of XLINE threads, the doctor will remove the excess parts. 

  • After a few minutes of removing needles, you will be free and go home or back to work.

  • You may feel pressure under your skin for 1-2 days, then it will be back to natural feelings.

Non surgical facelift threading recovery

Recovery from XLINE thread lift needs minimal time. 

  • For XLINE rejuvenation threads no down time is required. 

  • For XLINE Lifting threads; some patients may have swelling, redness, and bruising for the first two days, but they can perform all daily activities.   

  • Results appear at the clinic, but will get much more improved a few days after the procedure as the swelling, bruising and inflammation will be gone. 

What should I do after XLINE Threads lifting or Rejuvenation?

  • For XLINE rejuvenation threads (XLINE mono threads-XLINE screw threads) the patient only has to use topical antibiotic cream 4 times a day for 5 days after to avoid any infection or inflammation.

  • For XLINE lifting threads-XLINE nose implants, the patient should use Systemic antibiotic tablets with the topical cream as well. Because this procedure is a little more invasive than the rejuvenation one. 

Tips for non surgical XLINE facelift threading

 Some hints will help you obtain the best results and avoid probable complications; 

  • Do not rub your face vigorously.

  • Avoid sleeping on your side for the initial weeks. You can sleep with your head supported on a pillow to avoid rolling into your face during the night.

  • It would help if you avoided some activities for the first week, such as high-intensity workouts and visiting saunas, cardio exercises.

  • Avoid dental procedures that require you to open your mouth widely for at least 3 weeks.

  • Keep away from face down massages and radiofrequency sessions.

  • Always wash, drain, or use your creams in an upward direction and very gently.

What should I do before having a XLINE thread lift?

You don’t need to prepare before thread lift. There are only a few precautionary measures to provide the expected results and avoid any side effects.

  • Stop alcohol the night before thread lift.

  • Tell your doctor about any medications you took before the procedure.

  • Stay relaxed and avoid any stressful events before your appointment.

  • Stop blood-thinning medications like vitamins and NSAIDs one week before this procedure.

Is XLINE thread lift painful?

You may feel some stinging during the application of local anesthesia. 

After that, you shouldn’t feel any pain from inserting threads.

When the threads are placed, you have some tightness in the treated area. Your doctor will prescribe an oral analgesic only if you feel pain in the first few days. 

Most of the patients don't feel pain after the procedure. 

How long does the XLINE thread lift result last?

XLINE Threads are absorbable, so the results from XLINE thread lift aren’t permanent. It may last from 1 to 3 years as threads used in this procedure will be absorbed by tissue beneath your skin.

The result duration depends on several factors; 

  • The technology of threads: XLINE Threads usually gives longer duration than other products of the same polymer, due to the stronger tensile of threads and better specifications.

  • The number of threads: using less threads than needed will result in less effect, and less duration. The doctor should use the recommended  technique and threads for each indication to ensure the durability of the result. 

  • The Technique: even using the right threads with the right number, but wrong technique like wrong level or wrong anchoring point will result in less effect and duration. XLINE Threads ensure the efficacy of XLINE Techniques and XCodes to be the best in the world. 

  • The patient after care after XLINE thread lifting is the most important to protect the result for the first 3 weeks as we mentioned before. 

  • The age of the patient can affect the result and duration as well; A study published in the Aesthetic surgery journal showed that younger people get results for 3 or 4 years because their skin were healthier during the procedure time, resulting in more vital response and stronger anchoring to the tissue than older patients. On the other hand, older people with poor skin elasticity might need 2-3 treatments to improve the skin during the first year, then they will have benefits for 1 to 2 years after.


How much does non surgical XLINE facelift threading cost?

XLINE Threads is a repeatable procedure, 90% of XLINE patients repeat the treatment in 1-3 years. We at XLINE care about making it an affordable treatment for all people as everyone deserves to be beautiful and to feel confident. 

The price of thread lift depends on the number of threads you need to get optimum results. It also depends on the provider, the severity of your facial sagging, and what area you want to treat.

The cost for XLINE threads treatment starts at 150 USD upto 2,000 USD upon the country, type of treatment, number of threads.

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