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We do not sell threads, we change lives.

Dr. Ghofran is a Research and Development Consultant, Pioneer, and inventor of Xline Threads, Inventor of X-Codes modern Techniques for the safest, Simple, and Effective procedure. He always has a magical future vision perspective for thread lifting, he is the driving force behind xline, As his expertise & excellence has shown significant participation in xline thread lifting products development and new innovations for thread lifting techniques.
GHOFRAN SOLTAN  R&D consultant
thread lifting

Comprehensive product training

We offer you full high-level practical & comprehensive thread lifting training in both online and offline ways.

After sales support

Xline provide continuous support to doctors for complications management & compensation for miss-used threads

Online Learning App & community

XDRs mobile application is a platform that combines science, experience, and knowledge exchange in one platform

Lifting Threads

Our threads are made of 100% pure polymers for premium quality lifting sutures that make the aesthetic result achieved with greatness in no time

Xlinethreads vision

We aim at elevating our customers (Doctors/Patients) inside and out. Being able to enhance quality of life, sense of well being, and personal fulfillment.


Xlinethreads mission

To develop the most advanced state of the arts lifting threads in the world, to be stronger for the best results and more satisfied patients.


To invent more convenient techniques which is safe ,Simple , Easy and Effective, so we save our doctors time and effort performing easy successful procedure.

Comprehensive Thread lifting Training & Knowledge transfer to all doctors around the global through offline and online learning.

Xlinethreads values


We are committed to excellence that we always exceed the expectations in every aspect


We adapt to changes and continuously develop our threads to meet the latest innovation


We are keen to enhance the personal fulfillment of our internal customers, Doctors, and patients


We continuously provide and receive feedback seeking a transparent working environment

Our popular products

Xline developed PDO threads & placl threads for thread Facelifting, Non-surgical nose treatments, body rejuvenation, Mandible (lower jaw), eyebrow lifting, neck lifting with a variety of models and length for rejuvenation, augmentation, lifting, contouring, and filling that makes the aesthetic result achieved easily with easy techniques in no time.

  • Mono threads
  • Screw threads
  • Filler threads
  • Nose threads
  • 360D COG threads
  • Molded COG threads
  • 2 needle ( double needle )

Discover Xlinethreads Journey


Xline launched its business with a huge invention in the aesthetic medicine industry (thread lifting) by introducing new suture models & insertion techniques.


We started our business operations, Global distribution, and sales of lifting threads. It was a challenge and a success story to penetrate different markets and partner with successful dermatologists, plastic surgeons, derma/beauty clinics, and hospitals.


Xline acquired a preliminary patent registration for the King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology. & started worldwide expansion into different countries in several regions.


Xline became a global market leader and a pioneer in the thread lifting industry, which allowed for Expert doctors to highly use and recommend Xline threads.


became highly recognized as one of the major brands supplying medical sutures. Adding to the previous success, In this year Xline received the official registration from the US Food and Drug Administration, which approved the registration and inclusion of Xline threads.

Xline threads are made of 100% High-Quality pure polymers.

 The only Brand that offers PDO & P(LA/CL) aesthetic sutures, Discover & download our thread lifting catalog.

Polydioxanone or the PDO threads are considered to be absorbable sutures that stimulate the Type 1 and 2 collagen production, which can help in giving very enhanced and defined results compared to any other ingredient. PDO threads suture is an absorbable thread manufactured with the synthetic molecule polydioxanone

However, it is reported that the results can last up to 9-18 months, as they are degraded in this period of time.

But with continuous sessions, the dermal structure becomes much better over time, therefore, much better and prolonged results are obtained.

Polydioxanone (PDO) threads offer greater tensile strength. Absorption of the suture is simple by hydrolysis after 180 days from implementation. Absorption of PDO suture is reliable and predictable and safe.


f the prolonged effect is the desired result out of the procedure, the PolyCaproLactone or PLACL threads are the advised type to be used.

They are known for the long-lasting duration that may last up to 2-3 years, however, the result is not as sharp and defined as the PDO threads even though the increase in type 1 and 2 collagen production.

Also, results get better with continuous sessions as they also work on enhancing the dermal structure itself as well.

Poly (L-Lactide-co-ε-caprolactone) ( PLACL) is the state-of-art new lifting threads type which complements all the disadvantage of PDO, PLLA, and PCL but also combines their advantages at the same time.

P(LA/CL) sutures insertion is pain-free with Simple, safe (no scarring), effective and easy procedures. The post-procedure results are reliable and long-lasting.